Rome, Travel

Benvenuti A Roma!

After extreme pre-separation anxiety from family, friends, and Madison, adjusting to Rome has been much easier than expected. Eating pizza margherita, drinking cappuccino, (skipping) orientation meetings, getting to know the new roomies (Shout out to the ladies of the Brothel), getting made fun of by shopkeepers (Classic times when you don’t know enough Italian to speak intelligently but you know more than enough to understand insults), and exploring Trastevere has felt unexpectedly…normal. Clearly I’m European at heart.

Our neighborhood, Trastevere, literally means “beyond the Tiber” because we are across the river from the center of Rome. But the Vatican, the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, etc., are all more than walkable. I am quite happy to be living in Trastevere though, because it is on a slightly smaller scale and also a less touristy area than the actual center of Rome – I can absolutely see it feeling like home for the next four months. It’s the definition of quaint, with cobblestone streets and little shops and bars and restaurants lining every block. I’ll get some pictures up as soon as I’m not afraid to whip it out in public. The camera I mean.

Time to play Cards Against Humanity… (Thanks Eric) Ciao ciao!


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