Yet Another Late Night Stroll


Made it to the Pantheon thanks to the acute navigational senses of my pint-sized roommate. It is absolutely remarkable to me that I stood in that very spot just two and a half years ago with la famiglia. Nothing about Rome feels the same to me this time around, in part because I can no longer blindly follow Emmy (that would be my mom) around. But it’s something more than that. It’s a different version of myself that’s wandering around La Citta Eterna now. The monuments haven’t changed, but I have.

Obviously, the more important portion of our walk tonight was gelato at Giolitti. Turns out it’s been chillin there since 1900. I had cioccolato fondata (the darkest chocolate ice cream I have ever laid eyes on) and pistachio, with whipped cream on top, the best whipped cream I have ever tasted. Also, I taught myself how to spot focus!


Poor Lily thought you won a prize if you ate the entire thing in one bite. Apparently it’s a common misunderstanding.


At least someone savored every bite.



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