Noms (Gettin’ Domestic)


I think this semester may actually do wonders for my ability to feed myself. Thursday night we made Pasta Primavera, and granted, I didn’t do any of the technical “cooking” because ovens still frighten me, but I totally cut up all these vegetables, and that wasn’t easy, because our knives are only a slight step above dining hall knives. (Don’t worry Mom they are sharp enough and I was very careful.) Last night we (aka Hannah and Lily) made fake chicken marsala – fake because there were onions instead of mushrooms, thankfully – which was also incredibly delicious. As Hannah says, I am in a class of my own when it comes to chopping onions and looking pretty.

As far as going out to eat, my favorite pizza so far has been in Trastevere. Couldn’t tell you what the name is because I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have one, or tell you exactly what kind it was, but I can show you a picture and tell you that it was freaking phenomenal.

20130114_182153How delicious does this look? I also finally made it to the famed Tony’s (formally known as Hostaria del Moro) on Friday night with a big group, and had the most insane penne alla vodka I have ever experienced (I just had the leftovers for dinner because the plate was enormous, and it was just as good the second time.)

Also, a favorite gelato flavor has officially been discovered: Cioccolato fondente. It’s like eating a brownie that’s 85% cocoa. One of the few gelato flavors that I have not found sickeningly sweet.

For evidence of my love of cioccolato fondente, I bring you a picture courtesy of one Miss Lily Marino, that encapsulates the joy, the beauty, the wonder, of being in Rome.

me cone


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