About Me

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So I guess I’m becoming one of those people that blog now. I couldn’t help but feel it was necessary to document my glorious semester in Rome. I am a Program of Liberal Studies major at the University of Notre Dame, which means I read books and ponder the meaning of life most of the day. I enjoy writing, quoting Seinfeld, the smell of new books, New York City, my stuffed giraffe, Pat Conroy, shopping for clothes I don’t necessarily need, eating, and sarcasm. I write for Crushable and previously wrote and edited for Next Gen Journal, The Grindstone and The Observer.  The ultimate dream is to write a novel that doesn’t suck. Until then, follow me on Twitter @kelseyMmanning.

All photographs are my own unless otherwise captioned. 


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Letty says:

    Can we do a “Freaky Friday” and switch places just for a few minutes! What an incredible experience you are going to have! Savor every beautiful moment of your Italian adventure. Your “first meal” looked delicious! You are your mother’s daughter!

  2. Joseph Manning says:


    Love the blog – it’s great! Nice job on your first home-cooked Italian meal. Pics are terrific.

    Love, Dad

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